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A chiropractor like Dr. Michelle A. Trumps Dc, Ot helps patients with problems of the neuromusculoskeletal system, which includes nerves, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Chiropractors use spinal adjustments and manipulation, as well as other clinical interventions, to manage health issues such as back and neck pain. Some chiropractors apply procedures like massage therapy, rehabilitative exercise, ultrasound and spinal adjustments and manipulation. A chiropractor focuses on the patients overall health and might refer patients to other healthcare professionals if necessary.

The suite of services we provide through Settlemax is a natural adjunct to Dr. Trumps’ practice:  “Predictable results based on science and research that can be duplicated by others trained in the technique.”  

A participant in medicine and the personal evolution of health and well being since 1982, she has used her keen clinical eye to implement cutting edge technology to expeditiously serve the public.

Dr. Trumps uses AI technology to thread through every case detail, uncover high value injuries and hidden permanent impairment, calculate quality of life changes, total pain and suffering, elements of damage, and more.

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An Audit Refines your client’s Diagnoses by thorough record integration. A 3rd Party Independent Medical Validation (IMV) is included in our fee to validate the Audit. An IMV provides Statements of Fact and Appropriate Declarations, Memoranda, Exhibits and Animations when indicated. We Provide Your Report in the Required Table Format of the AMA Guide’s 5th Edition. This can improve Medical Value of the Injury Claim by 25%.

Our job is to provide details about injuries that optimize payment for the case. Audits:

  1. Identify and label any of the Decision Points that exist but have not been included in the claim. (Each carries added value in the insurers’ payment formula.)
  2. Ensure that every medical test has been performed that can document the proof of your client’s injury experience.
  3. Address pre-existing conditions, 2nd accidents that complicate the case, gaps and interruption in care.
  4. Itemize Medical diagnoses, treatment, referrals, degree of stabilization of condition, future care and prognosis
  5. Provide MMI for each body part, % Impairment Rating, and % Whole Body Impairment.
  6. Overcome an IME and win the “Greater Weight of Evidence Challenges” by Providing a 2nd Opinion of our work. An Independent Medical Validation (IMV) of our Determinations are included in every Audit.
  7. Provide a comprehensive report including tables, exhibits and animations that validate the extent of the injuries and provide Whole Person Impairment Rating (WPI).
  8. Provide a comprehensive settlement package for your case with 26 sections using language and the format that compels the Adjuster to pay.
  9. Provide a Comprehensive Rebuttal. All 48 Ethics Codes of the Adjuster and the Unfair Claim Settlement Practice Acts are built into our software to counter any attempt by the Payor to Unfairly Treat your Claim.
  10. Include Statements of Fact and Declarations that Compel equitable settlement evaluation and discourage dispute, denial, discount and omission of value drivers of the claim.

Audits Uncover Evidence of Threshold Injuries which are often discounted as “soft tissue injuries” and routinely excluded in claims such as:

  • AOMSI – 25% Whole Body Impairment and $66k value to any case with this Threshold Injury
  • Uncinate Process Fracture – Delayed appearance on special x-ray following Rollover or T-Bone Injuries
  • TBI – Including Blood-Flow Loss to the Brain by Partial Muscular Occlusion of at least one Vertebral Artery
  • Accident Related Disorders – Stress Anxiety Fear Avoidance Driving Depression and Sleep Disorders

Answer any unreasonable settlement offer or any other attempt to diminish the value of your claim with an audit. Our services are Reasonable and they are Contract-free

You are in good hands:
Rare clinical skill set.
Keen eye for clarity and detail.

Injury CASE Audit and Demand Services.
Serving the Greater New Orleans Area.
CLE Provider in the State of Louisiana.

Dr. Trumps is an accomplished physician in solo practice since 2001. Multiple PI clients. Rehab service from coma to driving and retraining or return to work. Cutting edge tools and techniques for healing after injury. Empowering people to arrest chronic conditions. Helping children catch up to their developmental age. Specialty: Multiple Trauma, TBI. Specific low impact Activator adjustments for Spine and Pelvis, Ribs, Limbs and Digits.

Owner, Total Health Network, Inc. Occupational Therapist (1982-2001), who cultivated relationships and provided contract therapy coverage, administrative support and filled open positions with local therapists at Multiple facilities and Complex Settings including: ICU, NICU, Burns, Acute, Rehab and Neuro-Cognitive Rehab and CHIR program East Jefferson Hospital.

We care. We care about your image and how the quality of our work reflects to your practice as well as ours. We care about the people you are charged to represent.

Our office is local and we work directly with your office. We expect you to receive the best settlement possible for your case.

These are the thoughts we want our customers to associate with our service:

  • 1st Class Service ~ Fast – Professional and Friendly ~ Cutting edge technology
  • Deliver exceptional value ~ Services exceed expectation ~ Amazing Results


I am a trained auditor and ‘Knowledgeable Observer’ of medical and economist considerations. I utilize proprietary AI software to formulate demands to enhance valuation across 26 monetary markers that are often missing, and I conduct independent audits to reverse the unfair undervaluation of an injury claim.

Demands formulated contain ‘decision points,’ ‘case maximizers,’ and ‘value drivers’ in 26 separate sections.

The audit will refute the engagement of any “Unfair Claim Settlement Practice Acts.” An audit will correct misstatements of the defense or when insurers present an inadequate explanation of the legal and factual basis for unfair undervaluation of an injury claim.

I invite you to call to discuss case specifics. I will conduct a free analysis to determine if any claim is a candidate for audit to reverse an unfair undervaluation. 

  • I offer free subscriptions to our weekly eBulletin series, Audit Review, and Audit Magazine. CLE credits are available via screen share or “meet & greet” presentation.
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