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About us

Creating a Floor for Impact

27 years ago, our CEO helped set a precedent at a state Supreme Court level against the “Verbal Threshold,” an injury law that prevented lawsuits for whiplash. 

Since then, there has been no software to give us the control we needed to be successful against the insurers’ software (as Colossus and 80 other versions) – so we built our own and incorporated A.I. to perform the most comprehensive audit for unparalleled accuracy in maximizing claim settlement valuation. 

We’re changing how personal injury claims are handled using A.I. and auditing injury claims that work to ensure no money is left on the table. 

Today, attorneys use Settle Max audit services to maximize demands for settlement valuation and save time and money.

Our Technologies Transfer Scientific Knowledge to Practical Use

We engage a proprietary A.I. Software that makes up to the same 600 decisions the insurers’ software makes so we can exchange complex data, interface and input added valuation into an injury claim. We have created more efficient ways to formulate a demand that maximizes valuation and prevents unfair undervaluation. 

Our Mission

Maximizing Settlement Valuations, Saving Legal Time & Spend

Our mission is straightforward. We use Audits to save time & money and maximize settlement valuation. 

We’ve made it easy and affordable. 

We believe the future of injury claims is A.I. Audits to maximize settlement valuation, prevent disputes, denials, delays, & defenses and bring fairness and equity to injury claims.